Survey Costs (Asbestos Surveys)

TYPE 1 (£295)

Management Survey (Domestic)

TYPE 2 (£435)

Management Survey (Commercial)

TYPE 3 (£435)

Refurbishment & Demolition (Domestic)

TYPE 4 (£525)

Refurbishment & Demolition (Commercial)

  • H.I.C.H LTD do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details or information with any 3rd parties.
  • H.I.C.H LTD make every effort to protect our clients data and therefore do not accept any card payments via voice call communications.
  • H.I.C.H LTD agree to refund the customers survey selection fee in full within 48 hours if for any reason the survey could not be completed by H.I.C.H LTD, however no refund will be given if the surveyor attends the property and is refused or denied access on the time/date agreed or cancelled by the customer 48 hours or less from the survey time/date.
  • H.I.C.H LTD reserve the right not to issue a refund in part or in full if the information provided by the client varies in size, type or number of rooms from the actual property inspected, all information provided at the time of placing the order must be accurate and correct and give a good representation of the subject property.