The bees are in danger, and so are we.

The bees are in danger, and so are we.

The extinction of bees is a serious threat to our continuity on earth.

“If the bee disappeared from the planet, man would only have 4 years to live.” This phrase, attributed by the cinema to Albert Einstein, may seem excessive. Still, it is impressive to place this animal in an important place for the human species. Now, the planet must lament a  threat: bees are in danger and already an endangered species.

In 1988 there were 5 million hives in the United States, but in 2015 only half remained, approximately 2.5 million. 42.1% of the colonies died. And this 2021, the projections are worse.

That is why the Fish and Wildlife Service of the North American country has included this animal as an endangered species for the first time; specifically, seven species that will have special protection under the Endangered Species Act.

According to CNN, the reduction in the population of bees is the reduction of their habitat, fires, exogenous species, pesticides, and the loss of genetic diversity.

Danger: why are there fewer and fewer bees?

The population of bees is in danger, “but this year it will be more acute,” points out Pau Bars, secretary of the Association of Beekeepers of Catalonia. From his point of view, this crisis is due to climate change, “which disorients the bees. These animals have very marked climatic cycles, and if they vary like now, that upsets them.”

If the bees disappear, with them would go a multitude of plants that depend on them and behind, devastated by hunger, probably human beings.

For almost 30 years, we have known that bees are in danger, although we still do not know 100% why. Bees pollinate 75% of wild flora, and almost 40% of the fruits and vegetables we eat come from pollination.

The reasons are not clear yet, but experts point to the increase in pesticides, the increase in Asian wasps, and two parasites natural enemies of bees: one internal (Acarapis woodi) and another external (Varroa Destructor).

Pau Bars recall the important work of “varroa control, although it has not just been eradicated. Now, these animals behave very differently, and their care is more complex. The problem is the climate imbalance: when it is cold, parasites can be better controlled, since the bees group together and can be treated more effectively.”

At HICH LTD, we are staunch defenders of the environment. We know that this planet belongs to all of us, and that is why we put our grain of sand in the front line to defend our beloved planet earth from the harm we cause it. Now, at Bees Needs Week, we have partnered with Save the Bees to help protect these little pollinator friends.

For this reason, HICH LTD will donate a portion of the proceeds from our property surveys to help save bees worldwide. By requesting our property surveys, you are contributing to the cause of saving bees and making the earth a better place.

For more information on Bees Needs Week, Save the Bees, and what you can do to help, you can visit

Helping bees and protecting the environment is everyone’s job!

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