The importance of preparing your home for climate change.

The importance of preparing your home for climate change.

Climate change is a vital issue for homeowners.

As the extreme winter weather approaches, and COP26 brings to the fore issues around climate change, it’s crucial that people begin to consider the realities of changing weather patterns on their everyday lives. New research from shows that the impacts of climate change could have very real consequences for many households across the UK.

As the frequency of flooding and storms increases with the effects of climate change, it is possible that more residential areas could be classified as residing within Flood Zone 3, which means the Environment Agency classifies those areas as ‘land having a 1 in 100 or greater annual probability of river flooding; or ‘land having a 1 in 200 or greater annual probability of sea flooding. If a home is classified as residing within Flood Zone 3 there’s a strong probability its home insurance premiums will start to increase.

In fact, new data from, based on a sample size of more than 350,000 home insurance policies, reveals that on average, insurance premiums increase by 128% if there is a history of flooding. Moreover, the data reveals that if the property is within 200m of a river, insurance premiums will on average increase by 38%.  With 14% of the national population living within one kilometre of a waterway, this has the potential to impact 8 million households in England and Wales alone.

Landlords will also need to consider additional and potentially surprising costs imposed by the government’s focus on helping to reduce climate change. For example, Boris Johnson has promised to start enforcing the Minimum Energy Efficiency more forcefully with more fines – currently set at a hefty £5,000 – likely to be issued to landlords who fail to comply.

Another issue, flying under the radar for many, is that homes may become harder to sell. Data from the British Geological Survey (BGS) suggests that the growing climate crisis is very likely to put millions of homes at increased risk of subsidence – making many houses in the UK much more difficult to sell.

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