10 tips to keep your home garden in perfect condition

10 tips to keep your home garden in perfect condition

For all of us who love gardening, it is a constant concern to keep our home garden free of pests, enriched with the best fertilizers, and above all things: in perfect condition. However, this is a task that becomes difficult when we do not have enough experience in caring for our plants. If you are a beginner gardener you will find these 10 tips to keep your home garden in perfect condition very useful.

  • Water your plants in the morning or sunset: The best time to water your plants is in the morning, or at sunset. Why? Your plants will take better advantage of the water you supply and will not evaporate in the sun. NEVER water at noon or when the sun is at its highest point.
  •  Use natural fertilizers: Although there are many chemical fertilizers on the market, gardening experts recommend the use of organic fertilizer as the first option. If you have farm animals you can use their waste as a replacement for chemicals that often harm your plants.
  • Spend enough time to prune: To keep your home garden in perfect condition you must prune the dry branches and leaves that grow on your plants, so you allow the new leaves to continue growing correctly.
  • Consider using native plants: Plants that are native to a specific territory are those that best adapt to climatic conditions, and also need to be watered less frequently.
  • Change the irrigation area frequently: You can rotate the irrigation area for your plants, it is recommended to do this to prevent the soil from crawling and the roots being exposed. Do not water your plants always in the same direction to avoid these problems with the earth.

  • Avoid using clay pots: In the case that you use pots for your plants, avoid using those made of clay, this material absorbs water during irrigation and prevents plants from making better use of it. You can use plastic pots or any other material that does not absorb water intended for plants.
  • Have some pest repellent plants: There are several types of plants that act as repellents against pests. To keep your home garden in perfect condition it is necessary to combat these pests, no, you do not have to have a Venus men-eater or any other carnivorous plant in your garden, it will be enough to have some rosemary plants because they can keep away insects and other pests.
  •  Eliminate weeds that grow around: Get used to eliminating weeds that grow around your garden, so your plants can make better use of space, soil, and nutrients.
  • Plant according to the annual seasons: All plants have different characteristics that depend on the seasons of the year if you want your home garden to look beautiful and with a lot of colour make sure to plant the plants in the appropriate season. This is very important, especially if in your garden you are growing flowers.
  • Seek expert advice: Even the best gardener ever started as a novice, don’t be afraid to take advice from experts in the field, research online or in gardening books. Although at first, it seems difficult to keep your home garden in perfect condition, your plants will thank you!

Have you already started planting your home garden? If you put into practice these 10 tips to keep your garden in perfect condition we assure you that you will begin to notice the difference.

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